Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I&E Presentation S2-07 290812

Creative and fun to watch
Message not very clear, except in the last 3 sec.
Didn't see the logo or tagline in the commercial - won't know brand of the mic or where to buy it.
Attractive and appealing logo.

The Comfort Zone
Funny: fast forward
Voice-over may help.
Not very clear what's the benefits of your toaster; some visual effects (minimally, facial expressions) may be helpful
Good quality

Cookie Crunch
Good quality and appealing images used. Some attempt to use a consistent font but not very clear.
Need to make the product clearer in the 3rd poster. Need to show a common theme

Vanilla Industry
Good visuals: a common theme ties the 3 posters together.
The creative aspect is not very obvious. May want to work on that.
Blow up the size of the 'benefits' in the 3rd poster.
Very clear messaging.

Jereme: No Pane No Gain
Need to separate your information into 3 posters. Use more lively colours, learn from Vanilla Industy (sunscreen) group.

Warmest Regards,

Mr Dennis Lam

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