Monday, 27 February 2012

I&E template

1. Group members:
Chelsea Eliathamby
Lindsay Charles Gillan Oliver
Koh Jia En

2. Group Problem Statement:

Hygiene masks are too uncomfortable to wear, thus causing people to disregard their health as they prefer not to use masks even though they are sick or in a country with pandemic.

3. Root cause identified:

The main reason people feel discomfort because, the material is used as it is able to cut off bacteria circulation but to serve that purpose, air circulation is partially cut off as well, causing bad ventilation of air. Therefore, it feels stuffy after a while. This problem causes people to not wear masks even though they are sick or in risk of contracting illnesses / only wear masks for a short duration. That defeats the purpose of wearing a mask and puts the community in the risk of being infected.

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