Monday, 27 February 2012

I&E Post S2-07

1. I am Dylan Loo Jing Ying from S-207 and the other members in my group are Darshan and Sheares Tiong.

2. Restaurants in Singapore take too long to serve the people who are coming to the restaurant to eat. This problem has caused potential customers to get irritated and leave, not wanting to eat there anymore. This causes the restaurant to incur losses that could have been prevented.

3.The root cause is number 1.
What we mean when we say that the process of cleaning the table is too long is that that the entire process, from the janitor spotting the table to re-arranging the table, may be taking too long.
There are several reasons as to why we chose this to be the root cause.
One is that cleaning is slow, because there are many steps to cleaning the table: First, a cleaner needs to spot the table and navigate to that spot. After that, there is a need to clear the plates, bowls, take away the chopsticks and spoons and clear away the bones left by the customers, etc.
After that, there is still a need to wet the cloth and give the table a wipe, and depending on the size of the table and the space in the room it can take a while.

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